Apparently even crazy comes in threes

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about third dates. I have noticed a pattern with the guys I date. And then I had a conversation earlier with a woman I know about how relationship milestones come in threes.

Honestly, it is my experience that the third date is when it all comes out. And when I say all I mean whatever sort of drama a guy has been holding back on dates one and two.

I guess it kind of makes sense. The first date you are usually on your best behavior. You are still nervous and testing the waters if you will. Generally, you are trying to figure out if you like a person and want them to like you. So obviously you aren’t going to be as “gutsy” as you are later on in the relationship.

If the first date goes well, the second date is kind of like the reassurance that the first date wasn’t just a fluke. First dates are tricky. Both people involved are nervous. Maybe you haven’t had a date in a while and you get kind of wrapped up in the whole first date thing or the idea that someone likes you. That may seem harsh, but most people have had that happen.

If the second date goes well, you kind of have that “ah ha” sort of moment. You know, where you realize that you do actually like this person and are actually interested in getting to know them. Obviously the nerves are calming and you are becoming more comfortable with the person. It’s only natural that you will start to show them more about who you are.

Apparently for me, that is when my date’s crazy starts to come out.

Let’s see. I once met a guy who asked me to have his baby on the third date. Then there was the guy who was so sweet on the first and second date but then starting hitting on other women on the third date (not the first time that has happened mind you). There was also a guy who slightly freaked out on me when things went a little too fast (physically) for him. And still, there was the guy that asked random women if they would like to have sex with them as they passed us by (yes, I promise that actually happened).

So yes, I think it’s safe to say that even crazy comes in three.

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