Girls like it too

The time has come for another post from the Insomnia Club. This month we decided to shake things up a little. So we’ve decided to talk about gender bending sex.

Side note: this honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time because I kind of feel like I need something to spice things up a little around here.

I am not sure why but every time I thought about what to write this month I thought about threesomes. I brainstormed a few ideas but, seriously, every time I started to write my thoughts went to threesomes. So I figured I should just give in and write about that even though I feel like it might be a little off topic (hopefully it’s not fellow insomniacs).

Now, let me warn you. If you don’t want to know personal things about my sex life and/or thoughts about my sex life then it’s probably best to stop reading.

I’ve never had a threesome of any kind. I probably would though, because I am a try (mostly) anything kind of woman. Really the only exclusions I have are things that really make me feel uncomfortable or just really gross me out.

I’ve had a few offers but the situation was never right for a few different reasons. 1) I kind of want it to be with a guy that I know and trust. That means not with a random hook up or a sex buddy. 2) I have only found one guy who is willing to “return the favor.” Meaning I have only found one guy who will have a threesome involving me and another guy.

Now, let me say here that I in no way expect a guy to ever do anything that he is uncomfortable doing. That’s not fair and clearly that doesn’t make sex fun in anyway. So that’s not really the issue.

The issue is this idea that a threesome involving me and two other guys is somehow crazy. Actually I have had some guys that just seem rather grossed out by the idea. But then when I say that’s the only way I will have a threesome then they seem taken back. It’s almost as if they think everyone is into the two girls thing. This is something I don’t get at all.

Here’s a little news flash. If you think that it’s okay for me to hook up with another woman then you shouldn’t think it’s really that far off for you to hook up with another guy. Clearly I know that there may only be a small percentage of straight people that feel this way (or just straight people that will admit to it) but I find the whole two guy scenario just as hot as the two women scenario.

And the funny thing is about most threesome scenarios involving two guys is that sometimes the woman doesn’t even want the two men to touch. Sometimes it’s more about them doing things to her. Which makes the whole thing even more confusing to me.

I guess for me I think a threesome of any kind is perfectly acceptable as long as all parties involved are consenting adults and are into it.

So can we move past the idea that it’s somehow weird or not cool or whatever for a threesome to involve a woman and two men? Really, it’s not. And if you’re a guy who is into it then don’t be afraid to admit it. 

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12 comments on “Girls like it too

  1. An MFM threesome is one of my BIGGEST fantasies, and I know a lot of women who would say the same. Yet, as you say many men have an adverse reaction to the idea or think its weird. I've even met dudes that have told me that such arrangements constitute a gang bang. Apparently whenever two naked penis owners are in the same room, they magically become a gang. Go figure. SMH.

  2. OMG. Two men? Sooooooooooooo hot. HOT. And NO it DOESN'T MAKE YOU GAY. Geez. Might make me gay, though. Ha ha!

    PS Apparently there might be a threesome in my near future. Two chicks though. We'll see. ;)

  3. Nikki – I am SO glad we share the same fantasy! Totally hot. Ohhh threesome in your near future? Keep me posted :)

  4. Jess,
    I am with you. I all about have a threesome with me and two other guys but can't find a guy that would want to do that. They are all about having a threesome where it is me, him and another girl. One guy I know said he would go along with the two guy and me threesome but first I have to find another girl to join us.
    Some guys just think it is gay but I don't want them to touch.

  5. @LJ I am so glad I am not alone. I mean, I am not glad, but you know what I mean. There is nothing gay about it. Even if the guy wants to touch the other guy. It's ok really. But like you I don't honestly care if they touch. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. I say go for it. MMF. FFM. Whatever you can get your hands on. It's definitely something that you should put on your sexual bucket list. Maybe not be for everyone, but (as Rebecca Black so succinctly put it) FUN FUN FUN!

    I am still trying to find a dude that is secure enough and willing to have a MMF with me, but that has been very difficult indeed. Double standard much??

  7. @amazing – definitely a double standard. I remember telling a guy once and he acted like I was crossing the line for mentioning it. This was after he told me he wanted one with me and another woman.

  8. @Skye A gang bang!? Seriously?!? Wow. I kind of feel like excuses like that are given so they don't have to deal with it anymore or so they don't look like the guy that just won't have one. Because I mean if a dude thinks it's a gang bang then clearly the woman won't bring it up again. I always want to respect other people when it comes to this kind of thing because I understand that people legitimately feel uncomfortable about things but that's a really far stretch. SMH definitely. And your sentence about the naked penis owners totally made me laugh.

  9. Oh have I lived a jaded life. I was into bisexual men back in the day. I met a married couple who were both bi and we found a guy to join in. Technically that is a foursome but it was as girl on girl as it was guy on guy by design.

    I read a blog recently by a single dad who said he went on a date with a woman who told him she wanted a two male threesome and it was the first time he had heard of such a thing.

    Maybe I should FWD this link to him. I think he thought it was the weirdest thing he had ever heard of.

    I definitely will not go to my grave wondering about things I only fantasized about doing that is for sure. I only wonder why and how God let me get so far from how I was raised and what I knew to be true.

    Thank goodness for grace no stalkers no std's etc. just wild strange memories.

  10. I know I'm going to sound like a raging feminist, which I am, But. Women by nature are more emphatic and they think about how other people view things, so they understand the two female fantasy from a male point of view even if they don't have any desire to go into bed with another woman. Men don't even try to understand. Another thing is, anything that is considered "female" has a negative connotation, which is one reason why gays are so wildly unpopular among straight men (another reason is secret homosexual tendencies). So if a straight man has any trait that is considered womanly, it is frowned upon. Only few men are secure enough in themselves to get over it. So good luck trying to find a (straight) guy ready for MMF sex.

  11. @Veera I am not sure if I would entirely agree. As a woman, I don't understand it from the male point of view because I am not a male. I also don't think all men have the same view of the two female fantasy. In fact, I have met my fair share of guys who aren't into it and don't understand why it's a turn on. I personally think it's largely to do with the whole "gay" thing. That is the idea that it's "gay" for a man to even be naked with another man (this is NOT something I personally feel by the way). I agree that men who have "womanly" traits are frowned upon and that's not something I am a fan of. A man is a man and therefore he is masculine. There are many different ways to be masculine and I think people need to step out of the box a little and stop thinking there is only one way (just like there are different ways to be feminine). I wonder if there are more guys out there who are okay with the MMF scenario but are just afraid to admit it. Who knows. I will keep looking.

  12. Hey no worries, threesomes are always a sexy thought I go to when fantasizing and as far as I’m concerned, always on topic. I hear ya girl, not always easy to find a man that will agree to a threesome with another man, but speaking from experience, you gotta find him because it was an amazingly wonderful experience for me… and for both guys too. I was reading an interview with Dr. Kate, a sexologist who studies the psyche of women and how group sex positively affects us physically and psychologically, When the stars align and setting is right, go for it! You’ll be glad you did.

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